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How to Make an MP3 CD?

Please do according to the following steps to make an MP3 CD.

1. Add MP3 files

Click the button "Add" to browse and select MP3 files. Or click "Search" to search MP3 files from your computer and add them to the window. Please see the bottom slider ruler, make sure that the total files' size does not exceed the size that the blank CD can save.

2. Write MP3 CD

Insert a blank CD into your CD burner. Click the button "Write" to write the MP3 files to the blank CD.

If the item "Supports Autorun and MP3 Playlist" is checked, the software will add an MP3 playlist file to the MP3 CD, and the MP3 CD will support autorun property.

Click the button "Next" to go to the next window.

If the item "Add a file readme.txt" is checked, the software will add a readme file to the MP3 CD.

Click the button "Next" to go to the next window.

Select the correct CD burner from the drop-down list. Click the button "Record Disc Now" to start recording CD.

If the item "Test Mode" is checked, it will simulate the recording process, but will not write data actually.

If the item "Use Buffer Protection" is checked, it will use burn-proof technology.

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